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I never have been quite a journaling person, that is, until I started doodling my favorite quotes and verses. I found that I enjoy having a blank white page in front of me and seeing something unfold as I create.. I am discovering that the same goes for blogging

I started this blog to collect my thoughts about moving to Africa for 2 months,
 and to share about the trip with you, my friends and family

Lately, I have been an occupational therapy intern for a pediatric facility. It has been a growing, breaking-my-heart for those who are hurting, kind of experience. I love it and am exhausted by it, and depending on God each day for strength and wisdom.

On October 15th I leave for Jinja, Uganda (on the northern shores of Lake Victoria, near the source of the Nile) for 2 months to work with 11 boys who have lived on the streets but now have a home, and food, and an education, 
and who are learning about loving Jesus and His overpowering love for them. 

The Nile River near Jinja, Uganda

I know that I have a little to offer, and very much to learn on this trip- 
about living in another country and culture, about the complex systems that create poverty and homelessness, about worship and joy and the freedom of living simply 

I know that I do not have to travel overseas to see God work mightily, but have felt His tug on my heart to travel and expand my understanding of this world 

I invite you to support me through your prayers first and foremost- for traveling mercies, for a heart that is ready to learn, for peace as I prepare to leave what is comfortable, 
and for the boys and staff that I will meet in a few weeks

I am hoping to bring a bag or two of donations as I go.
If it would bring you joy, please consider sending me:
  • Art Supplies: white board markers, pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners
  • Fun Things for the Kids: playing cards, soccer balls, soccer pumps, kids books or music, watches
  • Things the Boys Need: pillow cases, towels, band-aids, neosporin, any medicine, stethoscope
  • Clothes: neck ties (they are all the rage in Uganda), boy’s black shoes sizes 7-10, boy’s tennis shoes sizes 7-9, boy’s shorts sizes 10- 15, boy’s underwear sizes 10-15, socks
  • Financial Support (for the Street Child Project or me)
~My address is p.o. box 616, mount hermon, CA 95041~
or you can drop any donations by in person

Visit to learn about the organization I will be staying with. And feel free to share my blog with anyone who would appreciate it!

Peace to you all, and thank you for your support,
Lindsey ( :

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