Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hello! I am in the Heathrow airport, about to board for California in about an hour, and just enjoyed a yummy lunch with my last few pounds from the trip over.

It was hard to say goodbye to the boys- I carried little Calvin out to the taxi that was waiting for me, and waved goodbye to all of my favorite faces. The boys and uncles and Rachel sent me off with prayer, and after being pulled over three times on the ride to Entebbe (Mzungus in a car at Christmas season!), made it to the airport for a long wait till the 1am departure.

It was such a blessing- I was invited to change seats with a man, and sat next to a woman from England who attended Wheaton and also Westmont (my small college) in 1987. We got to share about how we see God working in Uganda so powerfully- weaving a tapestry of His kingdom around the world, with each of us who love Him playing our beautiful part.

Much love to you all! I will be back to my Mount Hermon home on Wednesday evening.

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