Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lindsey in London

A quick note to you all in the convenient Heathrow internet station...

I am safely in London and about to embark for Entebbe (in about 2 hours at 20:15).

I am finding that I absolutely love to travel and have so much precious time to spend in prayer and read and see sites and soak in the newness of it all.

Yesterday was wonderfully full of an overnight from LAX and a long talk at the SJ airport with a very kind airlines attendant who had to reschedule my first flight, noticed that I was missing a crucial flight on my way home (the 12:45am from Jinja to London). She kindly re-booked it, and gave me meal vouchers for 2 airports on the way after checking an extra bag for free for me. God is good, and I am seeing His protection and provision as I go.

This morning I landed in London about 6am California time, and have had a wonderful day exploring the city for a few hours. I took the tube to South Kensington station and visited a few museums nearby, as well as an exquisite bakery where I bought a hot coco and scone for the tube ride back. I am so thankful for my Westmont College experience which allowed me to practice navigating London in the past, and for the advice of dear friends recently about where to visit since time was limited.

I love the classiness of London. So much style in dress and speech and beautiful quaint brick buildings all piled side by side, with parks and towering queenly architecture dotting the landscape. I was hoping to dance on a chimney top like Mary Poppins, but will have to save that for a later trip.

And now I am about to embark on another overnight plane ride to Uganda. I am brimming with excitement to meet my new friends in Uganda, and to fully immerse myself in that culture and all that God has in store for these next months.

Thank you all for your love and prayers and support of this trip. I will post again, hopefully with a picture, as soon as I can in Jinja.

Love, Lindsey/Smiles ( :

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