Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Yesterday I went rafting on the Nile, and experienced my first Class 5 rapids (and our safety kayaks took on a Class 6 rapid which was a literal waterfall/death pit). I joined a team of 8 Canadians, Americans, Swedes, and folks from the UK on the craziest rapids I have ever experienced. Praying the whole way, I found comfort in the words I had read that morning: “and all the depths of the Nile shall be dried up” (Zech. 10:11). To me, this was a reminder that God is bigger than the terrors of the Nile River, that my life is in His hands no matter where I find myself, and that my life goes beyond this present time on earth since I love Jesus.   

It was a lesson in faith as well. Our guide had us paddle full force into the scariest looking waves I have ever seen, and everything in side was yelling, “Stop!” “Abandon ship!” “Back paddle!” But our guide had us going forward, defying what looked logical and safe and controllable because he knew the best route to make it through the rapid.

The scariest moment was when I got stuck under the boat, having lost control of the rope on the side and all idea of which direction air would be. Since I was in the back of the boat, I fought against the entire length of the raft and the rapid underneath before I found air. And never have I been so grateful to breathe again! It was hard to get back on, realizing that 5 more rapids, including some Class 5s were ahead (and a Nile Class 5 rapid is a category of its own compared to other rivers I've rafted). But overall, I enjoyed the experience, and have a whole new appreciation of the Nile. 

How To Flip a Raft:

My raft, just before we hit the big rapids

I got tossed out in the Class 5 Rapid, "The Bad Place"

Going down with the ship (our hard core Ugandan guide is on the back)

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  1. Ah! These photos are rad! Love the last one with your guide in midair.