Sunday, November 4, 2012

Queen Esther and the Dancing Bridesmaids

A story in pictures of yesterday's trip to Kampala to see a Ugandan wedding.

Rachel invited me to see her friend Esther get married.

The entire ceremony was full of dancing and singing and celebration. The videos show John's tribe dancing, the bride and groom's walk down the isle, and the dancing bridesmaids at the reception.

Such a blessing and miracle on the way home- we left the reception early to get back to Jinja, and it got dark and rainy as we took a boda back through the city, and we made it within minutes to catch the last coaster of the night to Jinja. Thank you Jesus! 

The Jinja Taxi Station where Rachel and I caught a coaster to Kampala

On the journey to Kampala

A quick "snap" on the coaster! Rachel and me.

Esther and John

Precious Girl.

Kikoni, where the wedding was held.

After the wedding.

World Vision truck across the street.

A quick visit to see a woman Rachel knows.

The local kids, posing for a picture.

Fanta at the wedding reception. 

Some new friends at the wedding reception.

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